#mimewiesn 2017

Fashion girls and especially Munich girls call it the fifth season: THE OKTOBERFEST


Yet another reason to celebrate Wiesn is that our luxury shoe label Mime et moi is from Munich! The place were all the craziness happens...

So nothing better then wearing your dirndl with our gorgeous #mimes. First as a flat to dance on the ale-bench and for after wiesn? Of course you can change your #mime into a sexy stiletto or sky high super block. 

Every year there are certain dirndl trends at the Oktoberfest. In 2017 the dirndl looks are more traditional and classy again like luxurious cotton in natural colours. Of course your apron can have some glittering details with sequins to add some glam. Another style when it comes to patterns is soft velvet or even dirndls out of suede leather. 

No matter which style you love: our pretty #mime N.1 Nudie Nude and N.1. Goldie Nude go perfectly with every lovely dirndl as you can see on our beautiful blogger girls! 

We had the best time aka Gaudi at our MimeMadlWiesn with our #mimegirls at Käfers Wiesnschänke and can not wait for next year when the craziness goes on. 

#canyouhendlthis #mimemadlwiesn2017

Your Mime et moi Team


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