Mimes x Santorini

It’s time to introduce a new special from Mime et Moi which is so amazing we just had to shoot it in a super unique hot spot for you:  Follow us to Santorini!
This beautiful island in the heart of Greece offers some of the most stunning panoramas and romantic sunsets ever seen.  Its face is instantly recognizable around the world:  The multicolored cliffs soar out of a sea-drowned caldera, topped by drifts of whitewashed buildings.
As you can see, this island is one of a kind, as is our amazing new heel design:  The Super Block Heel - available in the 7cm or the 10cm version.  Whichever suits your mood!
The Super Block Heel turns every outfit into the ultimate eye catcher and they’re super comfy.  Especially for strolling around on this lovely island with so many different shades of blue which perfectly match our N.1 Bluette Mime.
Cobalt blue is the color of summer and we love to style the Bluette with our new silver Super Blocks which look perfect, especially when combined with a tan.  If you already have sandals by Mime et Moi or still need to buy them, you can style your very own shoe by combining the Mime you love with the heel you love.
What’s your favourite combo for your next summer getaway?  We can’t wait to see it!
And don’t forget to refresh your look by getting a pair of new pretty heels:)
Your Mime & Moi team!
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