Mimes x Mauritius


It is holiday season, ladies! Time to pack your bags and visit the next place on your bucket list. What about a tropical beach with crystal clear water? Nothing more beautiful than the dreamy island of Mauritius and definitely the best place to wear our PINK YARROW #mime from the latest Rome edition.

 This summer sandal is the ultimate style accessory with its clear playful and very girlish design. The knotted strap above the toes, a comfortable ankle strap, and an elegant buckle embody a sense of style and uniqueness. Its soft yet firm suede make it the perfect companion for a hot day by the pool if you wear them as a flat.

And for your romantic beach dinner? Just transform your Pink Yarrow Mime et Moi sandals into high heels with our great selection of various heel heights and shapes. Choose for example the Stiletto Heel 10 cm to go sky high or go more comfy with the Block Heel 7 cm. 

Our tips for Mauritius: You should absolutely visit the southern part of the island where they have  beaches like the Maledives and if you are lucky, you can see the dolphins swim during sunset. Or what about some horse riding on the sandy beaches?

Whatever your plans for this amazing summer might be, make sure to have a new pair of beautiful #mimes in your suitcase and of course tan to the max ;)

Your Mime et Moi Team


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