Mime et Moi Myheroes


Los Angeles:  The city where dreams come true and heroes are born!  In other words: LA LA Land.  This amazing Hollywood movie inspired our new #MYHEROES collections which is all about dreams and how to fulfill them.  Every woman has dreams and every woman needs the perfect shoes to go through life and achieve her goals.

Our new shoes from the #myheros collection should be your partner in crime aka your Cinderella heel.  The heel you put on and your life turns into the fairytale you work so hard to make come true.

Therefore we designed five new styles of #mimes which are all different and unique.

THE NUDE CROSS:  The best companion for every outfit and occasion as it fits perfectly with all looks.  And don’t forget: nude shoes make legs seem endlessly long ;)

THE DEMIN CROSS: Jeans styles are forever and ever and ever…So never stop wearing jeans and never stop dreaming.  These mimes are amazing for all the jeans trends.

THE ROSE VELVET: The most girlie shoe Mime et Moi ever designed combines velvet, pink and a bow.  Too cute to be true.

SILVER STAR: The real Cinderella shoe that turns every dress into a princess gown or just adds some glam to your favourite ripped jeans.

AND THE BLACK PIPING: Same, same but different.  Almost like our black N 1 but with fine leather details.  The #mime every girl needs to reach her goals whatever they may be.

For the cool and chic LA glam, add the new super block heel to your favourite mime.

So we hope you find your own heroes in our #MYHEROES collection and never forget to dream big.  Remember, if the shoe fits buy it in every colour ;)


Your Mime et Moi Team

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