Mime et moi Limited New York Edition

Dear Mime Girls,

welcome to our Mime World. A blog full of inspirations, providing you an insight into the life of our innovative heels. We would love to take you on a journey around the Mime World, which we can tell, includes upcomming projects and surprises.

Maybe you already spotted it on our social media channels - at the beginning of December, we launched a brand new collection: The Limited New York Edition.

In order to present you our five new models, we had an amazing street style shooting in beautiful Munich. Together with our three lovely Mime girls and German bloggers @theblondmacaron, @franziskaelea and @julia.haupt we fought through the cold to get amazing pictures. Well, our Mime et moi cupcakes made the whole thing a bit easier and very tasty of course ;)


The limited edition is inspired and named by the city where dreams come true. NEW YORK. It is glamorous, chic and due to the possibility „From heels to flats“ ready for everyday situations. High quality materials and highlights such as velvet bows, nude suede pompons or black feathers are an absolute eye-catcher and everything you need for the upcoming festive season. 

Starting with flats into daily business and ending up with sky high heels late at night is all shoe addicted girls can wish for, right? In total there is a selection of five heels, which you can very easily combine according to your mood and live situation.

To revive the special relationship with New York City, we are going on an unforgettable trip very soon. So stay tuned…#mimearoundtheworld

Now it is your turn: How do you like the new collection? 

We are looking forward to your feedback! If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible <3 . 


Mime et moi




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