Mime et moi At the city of dreams



Hi Ladies,


If you stand in the streets long enough, you can see the whole world walk by...

For the new shoe collection of Mime et Moi, there is no other place to be than in the Big Apple to highlight the special relationship between our Limited New York Edition and the amazing city where dreams come true.


The limited “Uptown” and “Downtown” models reflect exactly what the city is like.   New York sets many outrageous fashion trends but also supports the classic lines with a bit of panache.  The city is characterized by a mixture of styles from all over the world, blending everything together in a melting pot of exciting fashion.   It offers the opportunity not only to buy but also to watch as the fashionistas of the world converge and exhibit what they’ve got.  Mime et Moi’s new models fit right in to the mix of fashion with flair.  Our use of high quality materials as well as outstanding fashion accents are an absolute eye-catcher and everything a woman needs to feel she can conquer the Big Apple… and the world!


New York is truly a unique city.   Packed with life and energy, the city never sleeps.  Walking to the pizza joint around the corner or finding bagels at dawn, it is a city made for walking…and our shoes!  We chose to be in New York City at Christmas time for our first ever limited edition photo shoot, which was truly magical.  We shot our pictures, walked the streets and joined in the revellry that is Christmas, barely noticing that our toes were frozen and almost blue. Manhattan turns into an illuminated winter wonderland, decked out with Christmas trees , holiday windows and colourful lights. A special time in a special city, what more could a girl ask for...maybe a pair of Mime’s!!!


What do you think about our photos? We would love to get your feedback girls!

Your Mime et Moi Team


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