Mime x London

Hi ladies, 


fashion month is almost over and it is time to show you some street styles in our beautiful #mimes. London is definitely one of the most stylish and urban fashion weeks of all. Even if it isn't the biggest one, it is the most rocking of all fashion cities, don’t you think?

That is why we brought our beautiful dark blue velvet #mimes from our Limited New York Edition all the way to stunning London, where it is spring already. No better opportunity to show off in our sandals at the hottest it-places. Here come our tree hotspots in London during Fashion Week: 

Teatime at Sketch: If in London you have to visit a typical teatime place. Sketch London has one of the best and definitely is an interior eye-catcher. To match the amazing furniture wear our all time favourite nude and black N.1. You can preorder them now! And don`t forget to choose different heels for every occasion. At sketch we love to see kitten heels. 

Madison Rooftop Bar: A secret escape above the roofs of London City. Wear our blue satin velvet Mimes from the Limited New York Edition for a relaxed uptown sundowner. How do you like the sandals with the rosé golden stilettos? 

Portobello Road Market: Nothing more pretty then the romantic streets of Notting Hill with all the small shops and boutiques. For strolling around nothing better to wear then our classic Mimes N.1. in poppy red. As red is the new black these heels work with everything. Plus they match with the typical red call boxes ;). 

We hope to spot lots of #mimes in London and in every other corner of the world #mimearoundtheworld


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