Goldie Nude x Paris

Goldie Nude x Paris


There is no place in the world that fits better to our beautiful and classic N.1 Goldie Nude #mime than Paris.

The city for love, couture fashion and croissants. Parisien chic is known as one of best styles in the world:

On the one hand, it is very romantic and feminine on the other hand, an understated elegance that works for every occasion. This is exactly what our N.1 Goldie Nude represents. A sandal for very girlie girls with the bow and pink suede but also very chic with the muted rose gold details. Wear it during the day as a flat with a colourful midi summer dress or jeans and in the evening with your favourite party dress and the heels of your choice. We love to combine it with our Stiletto 7cm heel in Gun Metal Rose for a very dreamy look.

What would be your favourite combination to stroll around the Eiffel Tower? And don`t forget to have a ride on the merry-go-round in your #mimes!


Your Mime et Moi Team


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