Fashion girls and especially Munich girls call it the fifth season: THE OKTOBERFEST
Ladies it is time to love your feed because today is "I love my feed day"!

And because we love your feed even more - especially in our pretty Mime et moi sandals - we declare August the 17th as our official MIME GIRLS DAY.
It is holiday season, ladies! Time to pack your bags and visit the next place on your bucket list. What about a tropical beach with crystal clear water? Nothing more beautiful than the dreamy island of Mauritius and definitely the best place to wear our PINK YARROW #mime from the latest Rome edition.
There is no place in the world that fits better to our beautiful and classic N.1 Goldie Nude #mime than Paris.
Los Angeles: The city where dreams come true and heroes are born! In other words: LA LA Land. Since this amazing Hollywood movie we knew our new #MYHEROES collections is about dreams and how to fulfil them. Every women has dreams and every women needs the perfect shoes to go through life and work for her goals.
It’s time to introduce a new special from Mime et Moi which is so amazing we just had to shoot it in a super unique hot spot for you: Follow us to Santorini!
Hi ladies,

fashion month is almost over and it is time to show you some street styles in our beautiful #mimes. London is definitely one of the most stylish and urban fashion weeks of all. Even if it isn't the biggest one, it is the most rocking of all fashion cities, don’t you think?
Hi Ladies,

winter is passing by, spring is just around the corner.

While we may have to wait until to get our hands on all the gorgeous clothes that came down the runways at New

If you stand in the streets long enough, you can see the whole world walk by...
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