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Mime X Sneaker
Mime X Sneaker

A sneaker can’t be missing in everyday life, that's why Mime et moi has created feminine sneakers that fit your style. Our mission is to offer the perfect shoe for any occasion.

About Mime
About Mime

There's more to Mime et moi than just the Heelchange. Find out more about our story and why women around the world trust us.

Shoe care set



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Our new shoe cleaning set is your smartest choice when caring for your favorite Mimes. The simple and stylish metal case includes high-quality shoe care products tailored to Mime et Moi shoe materials.

Since many of our models are made from suede, this set contains a rubber brush used to clean off dust and brush the suede evenly and maintain the texture. The eraser is also specifically for suede; you can remove stains and scuffs with it. Most marks can also be easily removed with the soft bristle brush. The polishing cloth takes care of the final touch and creates the perfect texture. Et voilà: Your darlings look just like new!


Made in Germany

Dimensions of the case: 140 x 85 x 55 mm

Set includes: Rubber brush, suede-eraser, shoe brush, polishing cloth